Est. 1982

We are a dedicated shipping agency organization with more than 35 years of active participation and accumulated experience in the field of marine transportation and logistics.


Having served our clients to the best of our abilities from all corners the world, we have nurtured a well known reputation in the industry. This vast network of businesses in relation to us and expanding business recognition is what fuels our urge to always be the best that we can possibly be, obsessively.


Our port agency operations teams are energetic young people as well as experienced colleagues with deep knowledge of shipping agency business and operations, warranting capabilities of handling any difficult situation while vessel is in port unlike any other agent in Iran.


We are a dynamic and professional shipping agency organization with proven performance and dedicated service to all of our clients worldwide.


FANUS-E-SAHEL is a client-oriented company that aims at achieving client satisfaction with the best quality services procured which meets and surpasses client expectations.


We have always been relentlessly striving to attain and retain the status of the most professional agency and the preferred supplier of solutions rather than merely being a supplier of agency service amongst many others.


Some of our most loyal and esteemed clients throughout the years include:

  • G.I.I.C. Bahrain  |  Tel: +97317679293  |  Fax: +97317675691
  • Prime Tankers L.L.C. Dubai, U.A.E.  |  Tel: +97143366906
  • Richmond Mercantile FZC  |  Tel: +97165571241  |  Fax: +97165571243
  • Oil Marketing  |  Tel: +97144350500  |  Fax: +97144350505

Our success philosophy is based on:



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